Founded in 2001, the Investment Center of Parkland Group takes “pursuing innovation and contributing to the society” as the philosophy and commits to the investments in bioscience, semiconductor, artificial intelligence, big data and other advanced fields. It has already invested in Hangzhou Regenovo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Genetron Health(Beijing)Co., Ltd., Gigadevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc., TEEC Angel Fund, ShenZhen Co-Stone Asset Management Co., Ltd., etc.

  • Hangzhou Regenovo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
  • Genetron Health(Beijing)Co., Ltd.
  • Gigadevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc.
  • TEEC Angel Fund
  • ShenZhen Co-Stone Asset Management Co., Ltd.
  • Focus Media Holding Ltd.
  • Beijing Legend Capital Yikang Equity Investment L.P.

Hangzhou Regenovo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Founded in January 2013, Regenovo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that provides professional integrated solutions in 3D printing technology for biomedical applications. Regenovo devotes to developing 3D printer equipment, materials and software for regenerative medicine, and provide solutions to tissue engineering, drug discovery, personalized medical applications and other biomedical fields. Regenovo aims to open doors for new diagnostic, prevention and treatment techniques. The equipment R&D and biomedical printer have leading international standard quality.

Regenovo released the first biological 3D printer for commercial use in China in August 2013 and made a debut show on CES with its "3D-Bioprinter” in January 2014.

In October 2015, Regenovo released the first “Regenovo 3D Liver TM” production and “Regenovo 3D bio-print Work StationTM” in China, which signifies a great breakthrough in 3D bio-print technique with rapid repair and transplantation of human organs and tissue as the focus in The National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program).

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Genetron Health(Beijing)Co., Ltd.

Genetron Health is a world-leading expert in precision medicine, committed to developing health management products that cover all elements of full-cycle cancer clinical treatment (including risk assessment, early screening, molecular pathology diagnosis, medication guidance and prognosis monitoring) and effectively applied genomic data to assist medical experts and research scientists. Additionally, it provides cancer patients and high-risk and healthy individuals with reliable molecular clinical services and professional cancer genetic risk assessment.

In just two years, Genetron Health has built global genomics sequencing and bioinformatics platforms, established two research and development centers in both North Carolina, U.S. and Beijing, China, and set up clinical medical testing centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Hangzhou of over 10,000 square meters.

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Gigadevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc.

Established in April 2005, Gigadevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc. is a leading provider of chip design headquartered in China. Gigadevice provides a wide range of NOR Flash memory products, and has been accredited by SGS ISO 9001 and ISO14001. More than 55% employees are in research and development segment. It has opened wholly-owned subsidiaries in Shanghai, Hefei and Hongkong, branch offices in Shenzhen, and agencies in Taiwan. Additionally, it provides high-quality local service in Korea, US and Japan.

The members of GigaDevice management team have rich R&D and management experience in famous IC companies in Silicon Valley US, Korea and Taiwan in China. Zhu Yiming, Chairman, CEO & President of GigaDevice was selected in “the Recruitment Program of Global Experts” and honored as “the Specially-Invited Expert” of China and “Innovator of the Year 2013”. GigaDevice led by Zhu Yiming was listed as “the Top 60 Most Popular Newly Established Semiconductor Company” by EETimes of the US and was awarded as “the Best Market Performance Award of China Clip”, “the Outstanding Contribution Industrialization of Scientific and Technological Achievements”, “the Innovative Pilot Enterprises”, “the Top 10 Most Growable Semiconductor Enterprise”, etc. by Chinese government.

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TEEC Angel Fund

In April 2005, Tsinghua Entrepreneur & Executive Club (TEEC) was established by about ten Tsinghua alumni and entrepreneurs from high-tech fields, home and abroad, in Beijing, based on the predecessor of Tsinghua Entrepreneur Group (TEG) founded by many hi-tech Tsinghua alumni in the Silicon Valley. Five years later after its foundation, several members in Silicon Valley started up the angel fund named as TAP based on TEEC.

The total market value of the listed companies established and managed by TEEC members has reached one hundred billion RMB, and the PE fund has also grown to one hundred billion RMB. In the current Fund Phase III, the amount of contribution from TEEC members has exceeded 50% and that from GP team has reached 7%. Other LP includes both venture capital fund in China and founders of China’s mainstream Internet enterprises. Until now, TEEC Angel Fund has invested over 130 companies, among which over seven enjoy value of 100 million Dollars respectively.

ShenZhen Co-Stone Asset Management Co., Ltd.

ShenZhen Co-Stone Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Co-Stone Capital) was established in 2001 as one of China’s earliest private equity institutions. The management team is composed of experts who act as the pioneers of equity investment in China. The team has accumulated experience of over 15 years of cooperation and nearly 20 years of investment management.

Following the philosophy of “Focused investment, with an emphasis on service”, Co-Stone Capital has developed as firm as cornerstone and gained high identification from investors and the industry. It was awarded as “the Top 10 Venture Capital Institutions (Foreign+Local Capital)”, “No.7 of the Best Venture Capital Institutions” and “the Top 10 Investment Organization of Advanced Manufacturing Industry” by Zero2IPO; “the Best Venture Capital Institutions in China” by Forbes; “China's Top 10 Best Return on Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment Institutions” by China Venture Group and “the Most Competitive Venture Capital Institutions” and “the VC Exit Winner” by Securities Times.

Zhang Wei, the Chairman of Co-Stone Capital, was awarded as “China Best Venture Capitalists” by Forbes from 2013 to 2015; “the Annual Venture Capitalists” in 2015, “China Venture Capital Industry Celebrity” in 2013 and “the Most Forward-Looking Venture Capitalists” in 2010 by Securities Times and “the Top 10 Venture Capitalists” in 2012 by China Venture Group.

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Focus Media Holding Ltd.

Founded in 2003, Focus Media has created the first elevator media across the world. As China’s first advertising media stock traded on the U.S. market NASDAQ in 2005, Focus Media was listed in NASDAQ-100 in 2007. It returned to A-stock market in 2015 and became the biggest media stock in China with over one hundred billion RMB market value. As China’s second media group, Focus Media’s success with ten billion RMB operation revenue should be attributed to its initial creation of elevator media. Elevator, the common infrastructure in city life, carries the four characters: main groups, the only way, high frequency and low interference. It is the four characters that make elevator media the most valuable resources to highlight brand core. Among the 400 million urban people, there are half audiences of Focus Media, which is honored as the leader of China living space media with its coverage of 120 cities, 1.1 million elevator posters 180 thousand elevator TV and 500 million average reach in cities.

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Beijing Legend Capital Yikang Equity Investment L.P.

Founded in April 2001, Beijing Legend Capital Yikang Equity Investment L.P. (Yikang Equity) is an independent VC firm of Legend holdings, whose core business is risk investing in initial period and growth investing in spreading period. By 2016, Yikang Capital had invested in over 300 companies, among which over 50 had been listed home and abroad and about 40 had exited through M&A. With the vision of “becoming a most valuable and respectable investment corporation with international influence”, Yikang Capital is striving to boost company innovation and growth through investment and management support. Playing a good role in promoting industry advance and social development, Yikang Capital is looking for partners with common goal to build up business and reach shared success.

The investment subjects of Yikang Capital are in China or closely related to China, including but not limited to pharmacy, medical apparatus and instruments, medical and health service (including hospitals), the Internet or mobile and information technologies related to medical treatment and health and other projects featuring the expansion period with fast growing potentials.